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Jul. 6th, 2009

Just a brief

Short and sweet update.  Apollocon was much better than anticipated though poor Frank didn't make it in until saturday.  The class the first day was hateful but got better.  I didn't get to take the gun class so I have to reschedule that.  there was a miscommunication and the days got screwed up in my head.  I thought Tuesday was the first day when actually it was Monday.  There were three others who made the same mistake because the online schedule had it wrong.

The fourth was okay.  No great shakes.  Went to Daiths and caught up with a few people.  Saw Liz and spoke with her for a bit.  Pam too.  And Paul and Amy.  Guess I should have gone over earlier to socialize more.  After the fireworks people vamoosed.  I sstayed after and helped Faith get everything cleaned up and chatter withher for a bit.  Anya got in last Thursday.  kitties have been a little needy but have quickly adjusted to her being back.  Ihaven't been playing with them like I should.  I still feel very discombobulated.  Haven't been able to do much on DG and Cas was out of town this weekend.  I really wanted to get the next chapter of Dragonfly done, but Thursday night allergies hit and I slept a lot on Friday.  I am getting the bathroom put back together after the flood.  I need to finish up getting the flood stuff to Steve.  Got to do that tomorrow and get the first coat of pain on in the bathroom.  It's just a few areas.  I got it sanded a week or so ago and got the primer on yesterday or mabe Friday.   The painting shouldn't take more than maybe and hour or so, but I will definitely need to put on two coats.  On the wood I might even put on three.

I got my ear pierced--a top hole.  It hurts tonight.  It got jarred kinda badly at the party due to enthsiastic hugs and tonight it hurts and it a little red.  Might need to go to the doc and make sure it's not getting infected.  Will be very diligent about keeping in clean.  Ineed to soak it in salt water more than I have.

Got the lawn mowed yesterday even though it was 98 degrees.  Been bloody hot.  They promise rain this week but we'll see.  I need to water my flowers again if it doesn't.  Okay.  Off to bed.

Jun. 21st, 2009


Seems last time I forgot to put in a subject.  I'll have to go back and fix that.

I am freaking bloody depressed.  I don'tknow if it's just cause I hate my job or this week is going to be filled with the thrilling adventure of classes all week long plus a class on 2 evenings unrelated to work.  And I think I'm going to be able to take a class this fall?  Pardon me while I snort milk out my nose. 

I have so not practiced my guitar.  It's sad to think how long it's been since I've written a new song.  I miss all the filking get togtehrs up north.People are too spread out down here and there just doesn't seem to be much interest.  Oh well.  Se la ve.
So, I wonder if Ican write a new song by this weekend.  Unlikely and even if I can, I'll suck at singing it probably.  I can't believe I'm doing a freaking concert.  Yeah probably be all of 5 attendees.  Whee.

Being playing on DG.  I do have fun on it and it is rather an addiction.  I spend way too much time on that board.  I don't recall what I wrote last time about helicopter lessons.  I can not wait to get them started.  I really need to look at money that's for sure, but I will find a way to do them.  I completed my collection of warrior fairies.  Found out they were 'retired' so I went on line and picked up the other three Ineeded.  Hell for the prices, I should have bought them all on line.  a helluva lot cheaper.

I feel really out of it and out of touch.  I've been so worn down and just no motivation.  I don't feel particularly good.  Maybe that's because of work.  I don't know.  I suppose if I enjoyed my job, life would be better.  I looked at salaries for copter pilots.  Once I get about 1000 hours in, then I can make half-way decent money.  Not as much as I'm aking now, but I'm sure it would be a lot more fun.  I'll need to definitely get my instrument rating and I really want to learn how to fly in inclement weather.  I'd like to be able to be part of rescue teams or something. 

Going back to Dayton.  Huh.  Don't know that they'll be much call for pilots there but who knows.  and if there is, don't know that the moeny will be great.  Besides if I go back to Dayton I want to be doing intelligence work and right now, that doesn't look promising.  I wonder how long it takes to fly a copter from Dayton to various nearby states.  Or a plane.  I'll have my pilots license for planes too.  I guess Imight as well become an instructor in that too.  What the hell.  At least I'll have something I enjoy doing.  I certainly enjoy teaching an awful lot.  I should have just become a teacher.  That's what's in my blood.  I have the mothering instinct that I want to help people and guide them down the paths they should be on.

Myguy friend in Dayton finally had to apply for a job at Krogers.  I hope he gets it.  Beingout of work sucks and he's having a rough time of it.  Wish I could wave a magic wand and make him feel better and make life easier for him.  I whine and bitch, but I shouldn't.  Yeah I hate my job, but otherwise life is semi okay.  If I didn't keep having problems--one step forward two steps back--with my stupid house, it would probably be better.  i have so many plants I need to get in the ground.  I want to get stone to put about my bushes and trees and stuff but it's freaking expensive.  Still, I keep having trouble with the damned black border.  I suppose I can do a little at a time, even if it looks a bit goofy to do just a bit at a time.  and I'll have to actually trim around it.  Lol.  I so hate to trim. 

I've been finding I'm typing very poorly of late, typing the complete wrong words.  Or maybe I just misspell them and word fixes them, making them wrong words.  Sometimes I reread shit and go WTF was I trying to say?

At least I've gotten a little work done on dragonfly.  Not as much as I'd hoped but some.  I won't have much time to work on it this week unfortunately.  Damned stupid classes.  I'm really figuring I'm going to hate the classes I'm taking.  It's terrible to already anticipate despising them I suppose.  Maybe I'll like it.  Yeah, when fucking pigs fly.

Did Imention I was depressed?  With the talk of flying, I've beenthinking of Vince.  I wonder where he is.  Hell I don't even know if he's still alive.  How sad is that?  But he doesn't email so I've no idea where he is or what he's doing.  Last I knew he was contemplating moving back to Dayton.  Sigh. It sucks that he has to depend on friends to take care of him when he has family.

Bandit turned 5 yesterday.  Hard to believe.  And a happy solstice.  We didn't game Friday which was both good and bad.

Oo I do hope to get to see Transformers on Thursday.  If not, it'll be sometime next week before I can.  It's almost midnight.  I wonder how late I should sleep in?  Class doesn't start until 9.  i wonder if we'll really run until 5 every evening.  Probably, though I'll bail early on Tuesday because of seeing my thearpist and then I have to get down to the college of hte mainland for my class at 6.

I'll probably bail a little early on Wednesday too.  I do need to eat, after all and I have no idea how freaking long it will tak to get down there.  And it's not like I can eat fast food.  I'll have to cook up some chicken tomorrow night I guess and kinda get my shit together.  Me organized.  Scary.

My house is such a fucking wreck.  I wanted to have so much stuff done by the time Anya got back.  The flood kinda ruined that.

Ididn't play with the cats tonight and I feel guilty.  okay, in general, I just feel like life sucks.  It doesn't but I'm terribly frustrated.

Okay, smoke has been extinguished so I guess that means it's time for bed.  Cas never got on tonight.  least I got to chat with ithiel.  I kinda miss it when I don't.  But maybe that's part of the addiction.

Lol.  Dakota is all wound up, running back and forth across the book shelves.

Okay time for bed.

Jun. 19th, 2009


Had a decent if brutal busy 'vacation.'  Got to visit my uncle before he passed.  Stomach cancer.  When they found it had metastisized, he ceased treatment and the docs gave him 3 days to 2 weeks.  He lasted exactly 2 weeks.  I didn't know him terribly well but he was always smiling and laughing and just seemed to love life.  Why are people like that stolen 'young' (okay so he was 75), when mean bastards make it to much older ages?  I got to see everyone I had hoped to and had a really good time even if it was pretty much non-stop.  I got back on Wednesday and when I got up on Thursday i just couldn't face going into work and took the day off since nothing was pressing.  So I had Thursday - Sunday off and that was sweet.

Went to the dentist (regular check up) and my right rear molar was cracked badly enough that the dentist didn't want to even wait until next week to get it prepped for the crown.  So I got it done the next day.  managed to chip it Saturday.  Had it fixed monday, broke it in half Tuesday.  Did I mention I grind my teeth?

Got a new one and it seems to be holding up okay.

I really want to figure out how to make a website.  Then I could just keep a single LJ account and put my blogs and my other stories on the website.

Hmm, always seem to have so much to say and then when I sit down it all flits away.  Or rather there is so very much crap going on that I don't even know where to begin.  Finally settled with the door people.  I think.  We'll see.  Been hemmoraging money left and right.  Had landscapers put in a drainage system so hopefully I won't flood again (flooded twice in two weekends if I failed to mention that previously.  And I had them finish the flower bed I just lost the oomph to finish.  There went 2K.  1.5K to finish off the door people.  650 for the crown for my tooth.  I have siding that is rotting out that needs replaced.  I desperately need to get insulation in my attic (1.5K if I do it)  I need new carpet or something, though am leaning toward tiling the hall.  It's sucha  high traffic area.  I would love to put down wood floors but with the cats, they would end up so scratched that seems unwise.

Next weekend is Apollocon.  I will honestly be glad when it is over.  At the moment it feels like a chore.  I think I am taking next year off from it.  It is expensive and I would rather use that $200 toward other things.  I haven't practiced my guitar, I have a presentation to give.  For once I hope the damned presentation comes off without a hitch.  But that is probably too much to hope for.  Perhaps that is once reason I'm burned out on ApolloCon.  They promise you people to get the room set up for your presentation and there is no one there to do it, no cables, you have to bring your own, nobody with experience on setting up the computer with the projector.  And then too I get stressed out and end up sick.  It just isn't worth it.

At work they are trying to get me a promotion.  That would be nice.  Promotion equals pay raise which means I'm that much further along on working to get my debt paid off.  Considering how I'm tossing money at everything, I'm not making much headway.  Also potentially getting a money award for the SCSIIT project.  And Tad is working on something sneaky for me.  He won't tell me what though.  I would guess another award or recognition or something.

He said he thinks he can get LM to pay for my GIS classes this fall. That would be cool.  There are two.  Then there are two others I want to take.  Voice and Diction and Acting.  I always dreamed of going to Cali and trying to land a few bit parts while going to UCLA.  I have a dream of having a walk on role in a B-grade sci fi flick.  A split second of fame.  Of course I would liek to be a big time actress, but I figure a little tiny role in a sci-fi flick is much more realistic.  I would love to be the voice in a cartoon, too.  That would be fun.  I have no idea if i have any talent what so ever, but I figure the acting class might give me a clue if I should consider pursuing anything like that.  They have tryouts for local plays.  Of course with my sucky memory, lol, yeah, right.

And I want to learn to fly helicopters.  Go on to get my instructors license so I can fly for free.  It's expensive and being an instructor would help me recoup some of hte cost.  I'm not looking to make it a new job.  Just a part time adventurous endeavor.  Of course, once I get up in a helicopter, I may not like it.  Planes don't excite me.  I really enjoyed gliders though.  maybe because it's so silent and calming.  Hehehe, who knows.  I'm making a 'bucket list' as it were.  I've been here 13 years.  It's high time I did some shit rather than sitting around on my ass all the time.  Don't get me wrong, I love writing and working in the yard, but my midlife crisis has struck I think.  I have the money, kinda sorta.  Making more than I thought I ever would.  It's time to stop pissing it away and start having some fun--though I am going to find a way to be out of debt in 3 years, or as close as possible.  House doesn't count, of course.  But I want all my damned visas paid off.

Hmm, need to remember to renew my passport.  I intend to go to Vancouver next year and I think it expires next year.  Need to find it.

Okay, been busy chatting with Jay. Cats are begging for attention, but are momentarily giving me a bit of peace.  When next they start I shall need to chase them about the house some.  And damn, I really have to dig my guitar out tonight.

May. 17th, 2009

Yeah, I know. Been awhile again.

Well at least it wasn't three months this time since I posted.  I spoke of my medical procedure last time.  Well after a month of feeling like bloody hell, I waved it goodbye.  While it definitely improved my mental attitude, the physical side effects were unbelievably god-awful.  I had the weekend from hell after having it removed as my hormones went freaking nuts and it took over a month to regain any sort of equillibrium.

NASA's manned spaceflight programis under review with results coming out in August.  If it goes badly as some rumor it might, within a few years I might be lacking a job.  Of course, in this field that is always a possibility.  Actually, there aren't really any jobs out there that approach being "safe" in this economic mess.  Someone told me that Obama said the shuttle was going to be the last manned space program for awhile yet I see nothing on the internet in regard to that.  In fact, although NASA is getting it's budget cut (hey, big surprise there), Obama is supporting the remaining shuttle flights.  So, scratching my head in confusion, I've decided to pretend my job is in serious jeopardy and do the things I've been needign to do.  Getting my debt paid off, getting the house in shape to sell off, and getting the hysterectomy while I stillhave decent health coverage and the sick time to handle being off for two weeks.  Oh to have the sick time I had with Hamilton!!!  Right now I'm cutting it close and don't know if I actually have enough sick time left to cover the time down.  I should have pushed harder to get some of my sick time brought over.  Anyhow, I will look into my sick time this week.  Of course I leave on vacation on Thursday (yea for me) and return the following Wednesday.  Seems like I'm sick every other day, but hopefully I will not be sick during my vacation.  I've been brutal sick today but felt really good yesterday.  I had two beers on thursday and cookies on Friday.  Being that I have a three day reaction time to anything that I eat, well that might be the reason I was sick today.

I'm am going to try to be a painfully good girl this week so I can abuse my gut a little during my vacation because I want my Ron's Pizza, dammit.

I have so much I want to add and talk about, but it's late and morning comes early, even with the two naps I took today.  (yes, two.  Told you I felt like crap).  I still feel quesy and hope I feel up to going to work tomorrow.  My laundry is near dry, so it's time to get moving and get to bed.

I will try to add more soon and fill in more about my oh so thrilling life.

Mar. 26th, 2009

Long time

Yes, it's been quite a while since I've posted, but I am still here and still alive.  I have been very busy with many many things and, sick more often than I care to acknowledge.  I am a year older as of yesterday.  Woot.  Just learned that the card compnay that makes all the Supernatural cards that I collect is shutting down and the license for the trading cards is up for bid.  Inkworks did such a lovely job.  I do not expect anyone to produce anythng near their quality.  Tis sad.

So I have been busy with home remodeling but I won't go into the horror story of that tonight.  I don't care to get myself wound up about it all.  Suffice it to say I fucking hate contractors.  Ihave been busy writing on Dragonfly and doing a Supernatural role-play.  I never thought I could learn so much about writing.  I'm not getting the feedback of the writing group, or anything approaching quality feedback for technique, but I do get to hear from the people who love the story and that is very rewarding.  I have slowed down tremendously in my posts because of real life distractions, or feeling poorly, or writing on the role-play.  Three nights a week are pretty much lost as I game on Fridays, friends come over on Tuesdays to watch SPN, and Saturdays I talk with Kat.  Other nights of the week it's not uncommon to hear from one of my friends via the phone so I usually lose a good hour or so there.  And thursday nights I of course watch the new episode of the Boys.  At least a half hour every night is spent playing with the cats and it's not uncommon for me to take a nap when I get home from work.  Then there cooking dinner, trying to get a little house cleaning done, dishes washed, all those joys...the days are just packed it seems.  While I sit at work twiddling my thumbs.  I have so many things I need to be doing.  And the past handful of weekends I have pretty much been sick and therefore have not managed to clean house.  The freaking contractors did not help.

I had a medical procedure done that will hopefully help my depression and in turn help my IBS.  Suffice it to say it was a girlie type procedure that any of my male friends reading this will not care to hear about. If you care, look up "Mirena".  If this does not help, surgery is probably the next step, removing that equipment that I never intend to use.  I won't know for a while if the current treatment plan will work, but I do seem to be in a better place mentally already, though not yet physically.

Well, cutting it short here.  Time for bed.  I won't stay away so long this next time, but I've felt guilty posting when I've had so much else I should have been doing.

Jan. 22nd, 2009

First post of 2009

Time does hav a way of getting away from me.  But I've had a lot of ups and downs and distractions.  Been pretty sick on and off.  All stomach related issues.Tried to be really careful of late and have had a good couple days.  I met Mike Griffin cause he wanted to give al of us who worked on the report kudos.  Also found out I'll be getting an exceptional public service medal for my part int he report.  All the major players will.  I had no idea most government agencies had medals they gave out.  I don't know how many they give out a year, so I have no idea how unique it is, but I still think it's pretty damned cool.  Medals are for military, you know?  Never expected to get one myself.  I knew we were getting awards, but I just expected a nice regular sheet of paper type that said, "hey, good job".  Five years of my life in exchange for a medal...gotta think about that.  Houston Chron interviewed me for two hours this past week.  I sure hope I didn't say something I shouldn't.  I only dodged one question, cause it was no one's business.  The poor guy though.  I'm such a non-linear thinker he probably had some trouble sorting a few things out.  Hope he gets it right.  David is doing the debrief to LM about the report.  I'm not sure exactly what the debried if going to be.  I think David is NASA, but I could be wrong.  I'm mildly baffled, since I work for LM, why I'm not doing it, but David may well be going around to all the contractors and doing it.  Haven't a clue.  One less thing to worry about though so I don't mind!  I'm still going through crap on my computer to get everything archived.  I don't know if I should throw everything on there, or just the stuff we used.  Guess I need to ask Pam about that.  It would be easier to just throw everything on there.  I'm sure Chrystal has everything we actually used already in the database.  Well, not the vids and the frames I suppose.  Guess I ought to seperate those out for her.

Anyhow, off of the Columbia stuff.  I got my home equity loan and found out my credit score was pretty decent and my debt ration wasn't bad, which is just flat out frightening.  I guess people with worse debt ratios must struggle to pay things off.  As it stands it is going to take me more time than I care to admit, but I am making headway, buying SPN stuff on Ebay not withstanding. Lol.

Did I mention the dragonfly fanlisting site Sensue made for me?  Pretty cool.  Lots of visitors, not many members.  Okay, the brain is racing all in a jumble at the moment.  Uh, lets see.  I'll probably have a roomy for about 3 months.  Anya from work is buying a house and the apartment complex is raking her over the coals in price for rent.  So I offered her that she could stay with me for a few months.  I'm going to put a 3 month limit on it though.  We keep pretty opposite hours, so I doubt we'll see each other all that often.  I've got a helluva lot to do to get ready for a roomy though so tomorrow I'm going to try to get a good jump on it.  Been trying to all week but keep getting distracted working of Demon's Hunter and Bloodlust. 

Huh.  Pretty damned tired.  I wonder if Ithiel will get anything up before I peter out tonight.  Got "gaming" tomorrow night.  I've actually called a halt to my game for a handful of months, but tomorrow night is a get together to get copies of everyone's characters and the tory so far, as it were.  I need to spend a few hours writing shit up .  I also need to update my virus protection on my computer.  That non-linear thought comes from thinking I might want my laptop out at the table and it has no virus protection on it.  Erg.

Okay, that's it for now.  Going to go re-read the little one shot I'm writing for SPN.

Dec. 29th, 2008


I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted an entry.  Those in the know are aware of the big project that has eaten up 5 years of my life.  Its been fascinating and I'm proud to have been part of it, but I am also so very glad it's over.  If you want to know what it is:


I don't want to spell it out here as blogs can come up in searches and I don't want to be waving a red flag opening myself up to questions from the media.  LOL.  Not that I'm permitted--by Lockheed--to talk to the media.  I have to send them to the publicity person who will then set up an interview.

It got leaked a day early and a few people are not at all happy about that.  Well, anyhow.

Got a submission due tonight for the writer's group and the story isn't turning out like I'd hoped.  It's almost better suited to flash fiction.  I may take the little flash I wrote and submit it instead.  I'll try to finish it tomorrow, but it's just not going the way I want.

Christmas was fine.  Tracy called and I got to go down and see her  and her family.  It was a nice relaxing morning/afternoon.  I got nice goodies for Christmas.  Mostly vids and music, which is mostly what I asked for.  The estimates on my doors came back to a whopping 6K,  Whee!  Carpet is about 2K and some tile is 1K and I haven't had a chance to get gas fireplace prices yet, but I'm figuring around 1K.  I really need a new mattress, too.  So, I'm looking into a home equity loan.  My debt ratio sucks, so I don't know if I'm going to have any luck.  If not, the door folk take Discover.  *sigh* and the rest will have to wait.

I'm having issues with my keyboard and mouse and don't know what's going on.  Quite annoying. 

I'm on 2 weeks of vacation and boy it's been nice!  Of course tomorrow I'll be listening to the streaming video about the report.  It'll be interesting to see how much hub-bub it generates.  It is distracting to story writing too!

Well, that's about it.  Doing fine, hoping the rest of my vacation goes well.  Merry Christmas and Happy New year's!

Dec. 16th, 2008

Pleasant Tuesday

Yes, two days running and I am sure to curse myself.  Today went well other than being cold.  I am on happy pills and that does tend to make my brain a bit sluggish and retenton is reduced as is attention.  That kind of sucks, but better to be a mildly drug-induced haze that a depressed slit my wrist sort of mood.

That said, I went to the dentist.  Haven't heard back to confirm no cavities, but nothing leapt out at them.  I got scolded for not flossing.  Tsk.  Had a company come over to give me an estimate on my doors.  I will get the estimate back in a few days.  I got all my presents wrapped and into the mail.  Priority mail sucks ass as far as cost.  Ouch.  I put up a new Demon hunter post and am anxiously awaiting Ithiel's response.  Considering the time, I doubt I'll get to see it tonight.  Bummer.  Purple Haret is coming by tomorrow to pick up stuff and I need to pull together a few things for them.  I cant decide if I should give away soem of my clothes or not.  It seems hiighly likely that I will keep off the weight for a handfulof reasons, but damn it.  Cold Water creek clothing ain't cheap.  Of course, I all but swim in many of them at this point.

I heard back on one of the jobs I applied for at Wright Patt.  As expected, I don't have the experience necessary.  It sucks because they lept putting in the "ntelligence" as part of the Have you done questions.  I'd done damned near everything in other fields, just not in the intelligence field.  I hate that they don't give you a chance to explain such things.  I haven't heard on the other one, but it's pay is lower than what I'm currently making and it doesn't close until Dec 31.  Well, at least I *heard* something back.and don't have to wonder.  Wright Patt is hiring like 1700 people and almost none of the jobs are anything I can or care to do.  Phooey.  However, if they are hiring, then I need to start watching the contractor sites.  They are likely hiring as well.  Hmm, something to do tomorrow.

Friends came over and we watched a bit of suprnatural tonight.  That was fun.  And I finally feel up to gaming this Friday.  I have to get off my ass and get everything writting up for everyone.  Since I'll be looking at Christmas light with Kathleen Thursday, better get my shit together tomorrow.  And I've sold my weight machine.  Yea.  Fatima (a girl fromwork) picks it up tomorrow.  I was suppose to disassemble it, but I'll just wait until she get s here.    I need to get my allergy shot, but I'll try to do that on Thursday.

My, I lead an exciting life, don't I?

Okay, must get off my duff and get a few things done.  Guessing Ithiel wont be on tonight or won't be on until like 11 and I really ought to get to bed before midnight.  I'm already tired and yawning, but really do want to get a few things done before bed.

Dec. 15th, 2008

Wow. No trauma or drama

Today was mostly a good day.  My stomach seems to be behaing itself and I didn't need the new heating pad I bought and took to work.  My old one is ancient and I nearly burned myself with it the other day.  I also found a heat pad I'd been looking for--a reusable heat pack.  Very cool.  And I got a couple one time use ones to keep in the car.

Okay lessee, lots has happened.  Girlie doctor called and my biopsies came back-well still abnormal but not precancerous so nothing to worry about, but I do have to go back in 6 months instead of a year.  I went and got some antibiotics for a sinus infection.  I can usually tell when I have one, and I really didn't think I did, until the doc squeezed my lymph nodes under my jaw.  Ye-ouch.  No more dizziness since I started the antibiotics.  I went to the GI doc and he said while it was possible I had a transient blockage that may have brought on a minor pancreatitis attack, he said if it was pancreatitis, I should have been puking my guts out.  The fact I had neither a fever or thrown up were the two main reasons I chose not to go to the hospital.  He believes it was a spasm, and perhaps related to my hiatel hernia.  He gave me more drugs and told me to stay away from pizza.  LOL.  Still, it comes down to, nothing they can do to help me.  He did say if I had another attack like that to call him, he'd order me to the hospital, and call them and ask for test to confirm it wasn't pancreatitis.  It is possible the cut sphincter is building up scar tissue and they would have to go back in and cut out the scar tissue.  I really don't have gall bladder type pain all that often, and when I do, I really misbehaved. 

I have been very very depressed, but that's a common thing when my stomach is upset.  I take a happy pill and generally I feel better pretty soon.

I finished my Xmas shopping and got everything wrapped and ready for the post office.  Yea!  Now I get to go stand in line tomorrow.  I have a dentist appt in the morning, then am meeting a construction guy to get an estimate on the doors, and then I will go to the post office for however long it takes.  As it turns out, I don't quite have enough vacation to take a full two weeks off.  I'm short by 4 hours, curses.  So I might as well just work 6 or 8 on Monday and not wory about working a full day tomorrow.  I have gotten in 1 extra hour today, so that will help a little.  I'm hoping Ithiel gets her response down for the roleplay done soon.  It's late and I need to be thinking about bed, but I really want to see where she takes it.  This role play is so much fun. 

Oh, and I've made headway on both C21 of Dragonfly and C7 of 6 months.  Yea for me!

I didn't game on Friday--I wasn't quite up to it yet, and didn't play on Sunday becuase I simply had to get the packages wrapped and get a few other things done.  I didn't manage to do a lot but rest and get most of the packages wrapped.  I do need to run to hobby lobby for a gift card, and then I'm all done.  Yea!  I am really irritated I couldn't find a picture I know I have somewhere.  I bought a frame as a gift for a friend and I know I've got a pic to put into it but after hunting for it for a good 2 or 3 hours, I gave up.  She'll just have to put her own in it.

My special project has been pushed back by one day for the release date.  Dec 30th.  I hope it comes out with a whimper.  I really don't want to wake to someone on my doorstep wanting to ask me about it.  There's nothing to hide, I just don't always think fast enough when someone catches me off guard.  It's also been a while since I've read the final version of the project.  I'm quite familiar with my stuff, but some of the other stuff I'm not.  I am so looking forward to being able to talk to my friends and family about it.  And honestly am looking forward to giving a presenstion about it at ApolloCon.  It's both a relief athat it's over nd exciting to see it finally see light of day.  Yea!   Now <groan>  I just have to get everything on my computers backed up and handed over for archival purposes.  Augh.  That's gonna take a little while.

Well, it's going on midnight and I'd better get a few things done before I go to bed.
Nice to have a nice day for a change.

Dec. 8th, 2008

Better is a relative measure

I feel better today.  Sorta.  I'm getting very fond of pasta <puke>, but it seems to like me and my stomach seems to like it, so pasta it is.  Oh for a little butter to put on it!!  Ah well.  I did go into work but man did I accomplish squat.  I put in my ad for the swap shop.  Think I've got my bike, my weight machine, couch and recliner sold!  Yea!    I'm so temptedto sell my spare sewing machine.  I'm just not ready to fight it yet.  Oh, selling the microwave too.  Should have charged more.  It's bigger than I thought, but it is old.  So I think I'll be getting not quite $300.  Whee.  My reading glasses ran me $400.  And I just paid $400 on my Discver card.  When I got my extra paycheck I was going to pay off discover and have a bit of cash left over.  Now I'm not sure I will.  Phooey.  Doesn't look like my inversion table is going to sell.  Bugger.  I paid $200 for it and I think $150 is a fair price.  It's new for all intents and purposes.  I ned to lay my hands on a cheap TV and dvd player.  I've got the VCR player Chris gave me.    If I can sell those filing cabinets, that'll be awesome.  I almost don't want to sell my bike, but I've got my tread mill.  I'm looking forward to setting up my total gym and being able to use it.  I think I'll try to run cable to  the TV I get.  I figure there will be some TVs for sale after Christmas.

Ithiel posted another response so I got to respond to her.  That was fun.

I think I upset Kathie.  Again.  Crap.  I so suck and make wrong decisions.  I didn't want to ask her to do yet another Sammy scene because I've asked her to do so many, I felt guilty.  I guess she wouldn't have minded.  Okay.  Next time I ask.  I know she'd have written a better scene than I did.  I'm trying to get through Dragonfly but just seem to be treading water.  Grr.  And let's not even talk about the lack of progress I'm making on my book.  And I haven't even finished getting my tree decorated.  I'd been feeling so good until last Wednesday.  I hate my body.  But I do hope I at least lose some fricking weight out of this ordeal.  It does cheer me up to get othe scale and see myself in the 140s.  I don't want to drop lower than 125 really, but who knows.  So long as I don't look skeletal, what the hell.

I went to a movie with Cory lst night--Transporter 3.  He and I had a really good talk afterwards.  We were talking about all sorts of things and among them my fristration and being sans boyfriend.  Sick of hearing the as soon as you stop looking you'll find someone spiel (no he didn't give it to me) but he made a really good point.  As soon as you stop looking and are HAPPY about it, the pheromones you put off are happy phermones and that's the key.  Stop looking and be miserable--that won't draw a guy.

I got a little light headed earlier this evening and I'm not sure why.  I took an Advil and that seemed to help.  Probably all this weather change.

I swear, I'm not cat sitting for anyone anymore except Ken.  Barey's cat Minky went wandering and a neighbor found her andse was hungry.  She apparently couldn't get back up the tree and back in the house.  I thik maybe she went looking for Barney.  So I looked the cats in the apartment.  Not playig that game.  And then I don't know if Barney's getting evicted.  What the hell will I do with the cats?  Mabe Larry could take them for the couple days until Barney gets back. 

I haven't talked with Ken yet about Faith's job offer.  I need to try to do that tomorrow.  Wow.  No doc appointment tomorrow.  How'd that happen?  I've got to sit down and wite up the D&D stuff tomorrow too.  Shit.  Too damned much to do.  At least Ididn't need a nap today.  Wanted one.  But didn't take one.  And wow did I need reading glasses. It'll be so nice to be able to see to read again!!!  The doc said I'm not quite ready for bifocals yet.  So yea for me.  The glasses should be in in about 2 weeks  Hmm a two week theme going on here.  I still haven't heard back from Academy about Dewayne's present, dammit.  I need to call them tomorrow and find out what the hell is up with them.  I might say screw it and just send Dewayne mine and then I can replace mine when Academy gets off their duffs.

Okay.  I've babbled enough.  And hardly whined.  How about that.  Okay, maybe I whined but it was more about annoyances of live rather than woe is me whining.

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